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It's a single vowel in this metallic silence
7th-Oct-2014 09:14 pm - Almost Doesn't Count
Almost Doesn't Count
Twelve, Clara, Twelve/Clara, 1875 Words, Angst, Kissing, Teen
The silence swells between them and Clara feels the echo of loss. The loss of everything that was easy and comfortable between them, it has all turned to ashes and lay scattered at their feet. She is helpless and lost, determined and strong at the same moment.

A/N: This is annnngssstt and not a fix-it fic. Let's just hope that some of this never really happens, k? Though there may be some kissing, just a bit. Thank you to liltoomuch and rowofstars for the thoughts and feedback.

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27th-Sep-2014 12:55 pm - Keep Your Head Down - 2/2
Keep Your Head Down - 2/2
Twelve, Clara, Twelve/Clara, 1670 Words, Angst, Smut, NC-17, Chapters 2/2
Because she knows this is why he would come to look for her and it breaks her a little.

these are lies he tells himselfCollapse )
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21st-Sep-2014 04:30 pm - Keep Your Head Down - 1/2
Keep Your Head Down
Clara, Twelve/Clara, 1531 Words, Angst, PG-13, Chapters 1/2
She follows him, tired as she is, because she can’t quite let them go.

it rained the day they endedCollapse )
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6th-Sep-2014 10:11 pm - Make Your Way To Me
Make Your Way To Me
Clara, Twelve/Clara, Eleven/Clara, 1090 Words, Angst, PG
It's hard to pick up a relationship where it left off when you're really starting it all over again.

It's been a few years since I have written DW fic, or fic in general. I wrote this shortly after Deep Breath and have been sitting on it, unsure. Please feel free to give me any feedback to help me get my mind around these two. Thanks!

make your way me to meCollapse )
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More Than You'll Know
Ben, Ben/Leslie, 1160 Words, Angst, PG
He doesn’t allow the passage of time to diminish the emptiness, the waves of pain allow him remember that he is capable of feeling something.

Thanks to liltoomuch for reading this over. Ugh, the angst. This came out a bit...meaner than I originally thought but I hope to write fluff soon!

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21st-Jun-2011 01:37 pm - [CSI] Something Less Than Love
Something Less Than Love
Sara, Sara/Grissom, 821 words, PG-13, "set series-4, angst"
She had hoped that she would feel better if he could hurt even a fraction of the amount she does now. It’s scary how disappointed she is.

Written for mingsmommy who won me at the Queensland Auction. This is just one of several stories I will write for her throughout the year.

Also, my first GSR fic in over a year. Woo Hoo.

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16th-Jun-2011 10:50 am - [DOCTOR WHO] at the edge of darkness
at the edge of darkness
Rose/Ten, 1975 words, R,
But even as she says the words, she knows that there are mysteries and layers that the Doctor will never share with her. He’ll smile and avoid; she needs to be ready for that.

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go through fire and water for you
Rose/Ten, 979 words, NC-17,
She laughs and pulls herself closer to him, wrapping herself as closely as she can.

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16th-Jun-2011 10:45 am - [DOCTOR WHO] first won't be last
first won't be last
Rose/Ten, (Rose/Nine), 979 words, R,
She had never seen him so quiet, so still. After all this time, she still could never be sure what he was thinking. His energy and enthusiasm could be sexy, but more times than not, it was exhausting.

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